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The end of searching for Missing Persons inside the Al-Dhahr Al-Ahmar cemetery in Darna.

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Tripoli, December 10, 2023  (LANA) - The General Authority for Search and Identification of Missing Persons announced today, Sunday, the end of its work inside the Al-Dhahr Al-Ahmar cemetery in Darna city, after all the victims of the disaster were exhumed from it.

The authority explained on its Facebook page that its specialized teams are continuing their work inside the city of Darna after the hurricane disaster.

The authority added that the teams affiliated with the authority’s remains search department completed work in the Al-Dhahr Al-Ahmar cemetery, where (1,739) unidentified bodies of hurricane victims and (34) bags of body parts were exhumed.

The authority explained that in conjunction with the exhumation work, teams continue to take samples from the bodies to identify them, as the total number of samples taken from unidentified bodies has reached (5,621) samples.

The Authority’s forensic team also examined and prepared medical reports for each body, numbering (1875) bodies.

The Authority indicated that the total number of bodies that were reburied after completing the legal procedures and legal aspects were (1847) unidentified bodies inside the Al-Fattayah cemetery, “the Valley Martyrs’ Cemetery,” which was prepared by the Authority in Darna, in addition to (28) bags of body parts.

The authority confirmed that its field teams in all specialties are still continuing their work in the city of Darna.