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Al-Manfi emphasizes the role of the Amazighs of Libya in all the historical stages that the country went through.

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Tripoli, December 4, 2023 (LANA) - The President of the Presidential Council, “Mohamed Al-Manfi,” emphasized the role of the Amazighs of Libya in all the historical stages that Libya went through, and that the Presidential Council will be the expressive voice for their political rights within the framework of the Libyan political dialogue, as it is the umbrella for all unrepresented groups. .

This came during his reception today, Monday, at the Council’s headquarters, a delegation including mayors, notables, and activists from the Berbers of Libya, according to the media office of the Council’s President.

The delegation renewed their commitment to the unity and stability of Libya, praising the positive steps of the Presidential Council and its success in overcoming the difficult circumstances, thanks to the wisdom of its leadership and its complete and absolute rejection of a return to fighting between the people of one nation.

The delegation also stressed the importance of the cohesion of the military institution, its impartiality, and its remaining free from all political tensions, expressing the concerns and fears that they have as a result of the group of events that occurred recently, and demanding political representation for them in general, according to the media office.