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A strategic expert at the Chinese Foreign Ministry told LANA: Security and stability are the most prominent challenges facing the modernization and developmental processes in Libya

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Beijing, December 4, 2023 (LANA) - The head of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wu Dekui, expressed his country’s support for the Libyan state in modernizing its infrastructure in the fields of defense, economy, and transport.

This came in response to a question from the Libyan News Agency delegate participating in the media course in the capital, Beijing, about the possibility of China supporting Libya in completing the processes of developing and modernizing the country’s various sectors in the near future.

Dekui stressed - during the lecture he delivered on the sidelines of the session - that the historical relations between China and Libya push it to stand by the Libyan people and their sovereign institutions to continue their path in achieving political and security stability and building the foundations of their modern state in the fields of politics, economics and knowledge.

Dekui pointed out that the Libyan state has the capabilities that enable it to carry out large-scale modernization in various sectors of the state.

The Chinese strategic expert said that the biggest challenges facing the modernization processes in Libya are security and stability, which are the basic elements for achieving and imposing large-scale modernization and development processes in the country.

The expert, Dekui, pointed out that modernization operations in the areas of infrastructure in Libya are not easy, but given its small population, it enables it to carry out extensive modernization and development operations in a short time, stressing that modernizing the Chinese state sectors took many years due to the density of the population, which exceeded one billion and four hundred million people.

In conclusion, the Chinese expert called on Libyan officials to continue exchanging visits and holding bilateral meetings with his country’s officials in various fields to achieve real development, stressing that common prosperity is the basic requirement between the two countries.

He expressed his thanks and welcome for the interaction he witnessed from the Libyan media professionals participating in the session on the international issues that the world is going through, through their asking many questions and inquiries about international and regional issues.

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