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Libyan-Italian Joint Committee follows up the implementation of the Friendship Treaty between the two countries.

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  Rome, November 30, 2023 (LANA) - The Libyan-Italian Joint Committee held a meeting in the Italian capital, Rome, to follow up on the implementation of the friendship treaty between the two countries, which includes the implementation of a number of projects, including the Amsaed-Ras Jadeer road.

        The Information Office of the Ministry of Transportation stated that the meeting was devoted to agreeing on finding solutions regarding the financial financing of the project and discussing some of the obstacles that led to the delay in implementing the treaty, including reconsidering Law No. (7) issued by Parliament regarding amending the type of currency in the treaty, and coordination with regard to clearing mines along the highway, and exempting the project from taxes.

     During the meeting held yesterday, a mechanism for spending on the project was agreed upon by providing financial resources in the range of (5) billion US dollars.

   The Ministry's media office confirmed that the members of the joint committee on the Libyan side, headed by Ali Faisal Al-Oqab, reached positive results that were approved by the members of the joint committee on the Libyan and Italian sides. The results of the meeting will be referred to the Italian Prime Minister to be presented to the Italian Parliament to reconsider Law No. (7) issued by the Italian Parliament in 2009, which stipulated amending the currency from the dollar to the euro by treaty and adhering to the treaty as it was signed between the two parties.