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Libyan Ambassador to Rome: Trade exchange with Italy exceeded 10 billion euros in 2022.

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Rome, May 30, 2023 (LANA) - The Libyan Ambassador to Italy, Muhannad Younis, said today, Tuesday, that trade between the two countries increased during the year 2022 by about 70 percent, and exceeded the double figure of 10 billion euros.

The Italian Nova news agency quoted Younis as saying during his speech at a conference on the sources and rules of the energy market held in the capital, Rome, that in 2022, trade between the two countries recorded an amount that exceeded 10 billion. Recently, we witnessed a large participation of Italian companies in the Tripoli International exhibition.

He explained that the volume of trade between the two countries increased between 2021 and 2022 by about 70 percent, stressing that this was due to the stability achieved by the government of national unity in Libya and the increase in investment opportunities in the country.

According to data from the Tripoli office of the Italian Trade Promotion Agency, Italian-Libyan trade in 2022 reached 12.14 billion euros +61, up 31 percent compared to 2021 and a market share of 23.06% ahead of China (9.56% market share 5.03 billion euros ), Greece (8.1% with 4.27 billion euros), Spain (7.91% with 4.16 billion euros), Germany (7.76% with 4.08 billion euros), Turkey (6.5%). with 3.42 billion euros) and the Netherlands (4.51 percent with 2.38 billion euros).