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The National Oil Company announces that crude oil production has reached one million and 223 thousand barrels per day.

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Tripoli, April 6, 2023 (LANA) - The National Oil Corporation announced today, Thursday, that the production of crude oil reached 1 million 223 thousand barrels per day, and the production of condensate reached 53 thousand barrels per day during the past 24 hours.

The corporation added on its Facebook page that the total domestic consumption of natural gas amounted to 901 million cubic feet during the same period.                                    

It was pointed out that the consumption of the General Electricity Company amounted to 736 million cubic feet, while the consumption of the National Oil Corporation amounted to 59 million cubic feet, and the consumption of the iron and steel complex and other small factories amounted to 81 million cubic feet, and the cement factories 25 million cubic feet.