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An American official: (Wagner) violates Libyan sovereignty, destabilizes the Sahel region, and exploits Libya as a paved way to reach Central Africa and plunder its resources.

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Washington, March 24, 2023 (LANA) - US Assistant Secretary of State "Barbara Leaf" considered the new political efforts being made by the United Nations envoy to Libya, Abdullah Batili, as an "excellent opportunity" to move forward towards holding elections this year.

The US official said in statements to Reuters news agency that she had informed the Libyan officials during her recent visit to Libya of the US expectations very directly, indicating that "Batelli" sees very clearly the challenges in the political process in Libya.

She added that, unlike in the past, the position of the international community has become more biased towards Libya, and that although there is no pressure to impose sanctions on the corrupt, "it may happen in the end."

The US official confirmed that the elections and the existence of a unified government in Libya with full sovereignty are the best way to remove the Russian private military Vagner Group operating in the east of the country.

"Leif" said that the (Vagner) group violates Libyan sovereignty and destabilizes the Sahel region, and that it initially exploits Libya as a "paved road to reach Central Africa and plunder its resources."