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The UN mission provides Mnifi with a list of seven human rights principles and recommendations.

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Tripoli, March 18, 2023 (LANA) – The United Nations Support Mission in Libya and the Dutch ambassador to Libya presented to the President of the Presidential Council, "Mohammed Al-Mnifi," a list of seven principles and recommendations for human rights, based on consultations with more than 500 Libyan men and women. 

According to what the Mission announced on its Facebook page, this document, which was presented last Wednesday, is the culmination of a series of dialogues organized over the years 2022 and 2023 by the Working Group on International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, headed by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, and in cooperation with the Netherlands and Switzerland as members of the International Follow-up Committee on Libya emanating from the Berlin Process, noting that among the participants were representatives of civil society organizations, activists, youth, government actors, workers, groups representing victims, and human rights defenders, Lawyers, women's groups, experts, academics, and media professionals.

According to Suki Nagra, Director of the Department of Human Rights, Transitional Justice and the Rule of Law at the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Libyan men and women considered during the dialogues "human rights violations, exclusion and marginalization, among the root causes that accompany almost all the drivers of conflict and instability in Libya."

It added that Libyan women and men "are keen on their homeland, clinging to their civil and political rights, and want to improve their living conditions."