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Egypt regrets the Security Council's support for the UN envoy's initiative to organize the Libyan elections

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  Tripoli, March 16, 2023 (LANA) - Egypt expressed regret for the Security Council's support for the initiative of the UN envoy to Libya, Abdullah Batili, regarding the formation of a high-level Libyan team to prepare for the electoral process in Libya.

This came in a statement by Ahmed Abu Zeid, spokesperson for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to an inquiry from the Middle East News Agency, about Egypt's assessment of the presidential statement issued yesterday, Wednesday, by the Security Council regarding Libya.

Abu Zeid said that the initiative of the UN envoy is a clear "abuse" of the role of the legitimate and elected Libyan institutions, despite what the statement contained in welcoming the progress made at the level of the constitutional framework and the 13th amendment to the Constitutional Declaration, and acknowledging the continued role played by the Libyan House of Representatives and the Supreme State Council.

  A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed extreme astonishment at the Security Council's support for what he called "vague initiatives with unspecified criteria and objectives," in an attempt to legitimize their work, and to use loose formulations such as "security actors," which opens room for interpretation and contradiction with Security Council resolutions. related to.

He added that the initiative would increase the state of division and rivalry on the Libyan scene, and undermine the chances of holding presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible within the framework of a Libyan national consensus.

The Security Council issued a statement on Wednesday, confirming its support for the initiative of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to launch a high-level Libyan committee to organize the elections, which includes representatives of political institutions, political figures, tribal leaders, civil society organizations, security agencies, youth and women.

The Security Council said that this committee would be able to help reach consensus on the steps needed to end the electoral process, including finalizing the constitutional basis and electoral laws, in an inclusive and transparent manner, in order to ensure that any outcome of its work and deliberations is accepted and supported by all major Libyan stakeholders.