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Algeria refutes rumors of preventing Libyans from entering its territory.

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Tripoli, January 1, 2023 (LANA) - Algeria refuted the rumors that were recently circulated on social media, about preventing and blocking Libyans from entering the country to spend their vacation on its lands.

         The Algerian Customs Directorate said in a statement ((that some pages on social networking sites have recently circulated malicious publications stating that the Algerian authorities are obstructing the crossing of Libyans coming to Algeria to spend their holidays by imposing unfair measures at the level of the Algerian land border crossings, with the use of images that have nothing to do with the same crossings)).

       In its statement, which it published on its official page, the Directorate described these allegations as false and unfounded, confirming its permanent accompaniment and the vigilance of its agents for the comfort of the Libyan brothers arriving in Algeria.

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