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Taher Al-Sunni: We will continue our support for the Palestinian cause and for the international community to confront the crimes of the Israeli occupation.

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Tripoli, December 04, 2022 (LANA) – Libya’s permanent representative to the United Nations, “Taher Al-Sunni,” expressed his regret over the continued suffering of the Palestinian people resulting from the hostile actions of the Israeli occupation authority, its establishment of settlements, and its annexation of lands and residential neighborhoods.

Al-Sunni called - in his speech before the General Assembly in its special session on item 33 related to the Palestinian cause and on the occasion of the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People - the international community to assume its moral and legal obligations to end this suffering, establish the principle of just peace and restore the long-awaited rights of the Palestinians.

He also affirmed Libya's continued support for the United Nations resolutions concerned with the Palestinian cause and its full solidarity with the Palestinian people in the return of their usurped rights and the establishment of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

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