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The High Council of State expresses its rejection of the attempt to revive and reopen the Lockerbie case file.

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Tripoli, November 19, 2022 (LANA) - The High Council of State expressed its refusal to reopen the Lockerbie case file from some local authorities and bring it back to the fore again.

The council said in a statement today, Saturday, regarding the attempt to revive the Lockerbie case, that this case has been completely closed from a political and legal point of view, according to the text of the agreement concluded between the United States of America and the Libyan state on 08/14/2008.

In its statement - which came as a comment on the disappearance of the citizen "Abu Ajila Masoud Al-Marimi" under the pretext of mentioning him in the investigations into the Lockerbie case - the council called on the competent security authorities to clarify the case of the citizen's disappearance in these mysterious circumstances.

The High Council of State also stressed its lack of commitment to all the entitlements of this procedure towards the Libyan state, calling on the House of Representatives, the Presidential Council and the Attorney General to join hands with it to take appropriate measures to end this absurdity, according to the text of the statement.

 He also affirmed his complete condemnation of the crime of shooting down the civilian plane over the city of Lockerbie, and his condemnation of all forms of terrorism, according to the text of the statement published by the media office of the Council on its official Facebook page.

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