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Al-Manfi in a speech before the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly

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Al-Manfi in a speech before the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly: The Libyan people proved to the world that they are one fibre, cohesive as the cohesion of their land and their common destiny.

Al-Manfi : The Libyan people are still drawing with their awareness, tolerance and patriotic spirit the map of the one nation, and they give us determination and hope, to move forward in realizing their hopes and aspirations.

Al-Manfi : The individual interests of the countries involved in the Libyan issue, proxy wars, and conflicting visions about the solution in Libya did not give the opportunity for the national option to be formed.

Al-Manfi : Negative international intervention continues to draw paths of contradictory solutions, pushing the country into armed confrontations that do not exclude the innocent.

Al-Manfi : The Libyan Presidential Council is still committed to the role assigned to it by the Libyan Political Agreement, as it is the supreme political authority in the country, representing its unity locally and internationally.

Al-Manfi : We thank the African Union for its cooperation with us to launch the national reconciliation project, which represents the most important basis for supporting all tracks to reach the desired stability and peace.

Al-Manfi : Our responsibilities necessitate that we work in a balanced and impartial national track, despite the attempts of some political parties to drag us into the circle of political conflict, for which we are working hard and firmly to find solutions, not get involved in it.

Al-Manfi : The Presidential Council is following with great care the rounds of dialogue between the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the State, which have not yet led to any agreement on the constitutional base, and that it is fully prepared to intervene in order to get the political process out of its impasse whenever necessary.

Al-Manfi : On the economic level, the Libyan Presidential Council supports all efforts that led to the resumption of oil and gas production from all regions of Libya, given the national interest and stability of international markets.

Al-Manfi : We look positively at the role of the United Nations in Libya, despite its recent slowdown.

Al-Manfi : We look forward to an active role for the United Nations through the new leadership of its mission and urge it to begin serious work to support comprehensive national solutions to the political impasse the country is going through.

Al-Manfi : We call for restoring momentum to the economic track, one of the three tracks of the Berlin Conference, which have been neglected.

Al-Manfi : We call for respecting the right of peoples to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, in accordance with the standards and procedures approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and given that my country is on the first front line.

Al-Manfi : We call for restoring international cohesion to combat terrorism, which is still a threat to all countries of the world, and does not exclude race, religion or civilization, and my country is fully committed to its duties within the international effort to dry up its sources and stop its expansion.

Al-Manfi : We affirm Libya's permanent commitment to support the right of the Palestinian people to establish their state, to stop settlements and aggression, and to respect international resolutions in particular.