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Attorney General Siddiq Al-Sour reveals in a press conference the issue of Libyan money smuggling.

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Tripoli, August 17, 2022 (LANA) - The Public Prosecutor, "Al-Siddiq Al-Sour" revealed that the case of the Bladyne International Asset Management portfolio registered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands has been investigated since 2017.

Al-Sour explained in a press conference today, Wednesday, that there are investigations, work and visits to the Netherlands, and we have cooperated with the Dutch Public Prosecutor, as well as with the Organized Crime Agency in Britain regarding this case, noting that there is an international team of forensic medicine (Forensic) formed by the Attorney General's Office that Examine the documents.

 The Attorney General added that the Libyan Investment Corporation, the Libya Africa Portfolio and the Economic Development Fund concluded in 2007 an investment contract with Bladyne International Asset Management Company, registered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, under which this company pledges to manage convertible shares and alternative investment bonds worth (700) million US dollars by three companies. It was established in the Canary Islands for the purpose of owning assets under the name (Abrouk Aya and Abrouk F) known as the Governor of Bladine in the year 2017.

 Al-Sour confirmed that the Public Prosecutor’s Office began the investigation, five years ago, in this case, and the prosecutors responsible for the investigation visited the Netherlands for a week to review the documents and memoranda of a former minister, in cooperation with the financial investigations in the Netherlands, and at the request of a proxy, the accounts of the officials in Bladyne Company, which deceived Libya and claimed that it was an American company, a company owned by Libyans and was contracted with.

 The Attorney General pointed out that it became clear that the contract had no investment feasibility and in return for percentages and commissions for some people and officials in that period in 2006, and perhaps the tampering continued in recent years in not paying attention to following up on these issues and neglecting in following up on assets.

Counselor Al-Sour said that based on the investigations of the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Libya, we asked the Dutch judiciary to freeze these accounts, due to the presence of tax evasion against some people, and accordingly we commissioned the (LY) company, a reputable American company specialized in criminal and financial investigations. The results came after two years of experience and hard work, and meetings in many countries by prosecutors in the office, where corruption and theft were found.

  The Attorney General explained that there is a follow-up to some of the funds that went to some people and assigning an American company to do so because the currency they obtained was in dollars, provided that the company follows up where these funds went because it is considered a money laundering operation par excellence.

 The Public Prosecutor said, "We have issued internal arrest warrants against these officials, and their names have been placed in the anticipation system to show that they are outside Libya, one is in the Netherlands and the other is in France, and another person may be in Norway or the UAE, and international arrest warrants have been issued regarding them and ban notices have been issued regarding them during the past weeks."

 Counselor Al-Siddiq Al-Sour clarified that this case is subject to follow-up by the Attorney General's Office and it is not tolerated, because the amount is estimated at 700 million, which is in a bank in Germany and Britain, and it is subject to follow-up and measures taken to preserve it.

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