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(Abdullah Al-Lafi) participates in a symposium discussing the strategic vision of the National Reconciliation Project at Al-Zawiya University.

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Al-Zawiya, July 27, 2022 (LANA) - The Deputy of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi confirmed that the national reconciliation project is the lifeline that will bring Libya to safety, and is one of the most important pillars of peace building in Libya, which has suffered the scourge of wars and conflicts.

This came in his speech during his participation in a symposium on the proposed strategic vision for the National Reconciliation Project, under the slogan "To achieve community ownership of the National Reconciliation Project", hosted by Al-Zawiya University under the auspices of the Presidential Council, with the participation of the National Planning Council and the Center for Law and Society Studies at the University of Benghazi.

This symposium was attended by the deans of the municipalities of Al-Zawiya and Sabratha, the presidents of the universities of Al-Zawiya and Sabratha, the deans of the faculties of the two universities, a number of dignitaries and sheikhs, and civil society activists in the city.

Al-Lafi explained that this project is the property of all Libyans, and is supervised by the Presidential Council, in cooperation with specialized experts in many fields from state institutions and Libyan universities for a safe and stable homeland, for a people living in love, cooperation and peace, and a sovereign national state.

Al-Lafi pointed out the importance of the initiatives presented by those interested in reconciliation for the success of this project, which was studied and evaluated by specialists in the General National Planning Council and the Center for Law Studies at the University of Benghazi, to benefit from and put them in one project that includes reconciliation in its various tracks, security, economic, political, and social.

The door was opened for serious and effective discussion by the attendees, who affirmed that the Presidential Council is proceeding with a steady pace in the national reconciliation project, by declaring its strategic vision for reconciliation, which aims to achieve community ownership of the project, for a comprehensive national reconciliation in which all Libyans participate.

 The participants in the symposium reviewed the experiences of a number of regions and countries that succeeded in national reconciliation, in their application of transitional justice, as they stressed that there is no stability in Libya without societal reconciliation, in which there is a sincere national will, to get out of the Libyan crisis.

The committee formed by the Presidential Council continues to hold seminars in a number of Libyan universities, to present the vision of the path of reconciliation locally through universities, to put it forward for discussion, and to ensure community participation and the success of the comprehensive national reconciliation path.

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