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Member of House of Representatives confirms not to debate proposed budget at staggering figure of 111 billions.

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 Tripoli, 5 August, 2021 (Lana) - Sources in the House of Representatives stated that the budget submitted by the National Unity Government, which exceeded the amount of (111) billion dinars, was not discussed in last week’s session, and that the process of approving it in this way with this large amount is almost impossible.

The member of the House of Representatives, Ismail Al-Sharif told the Libyan News Agency that (the government submitted the draft budget to the parliament late in the session on Tuesday, which made it impossible even to present it, and that the members of the House were surprised by its presentation in the last moments, and the figure that was presented was shocking. “Therefore I can confirm the House will not accept this budget, nor will it pass it, in fact not even just discussing it and not adopting it) he added.

Al-Sharif explained that the message of the presidency of the House of Representatives to the government to spend on chapter (1/12) is explicit and clear, and it is to continue spending according to this chapter (1/12) of the budget of the last fiscal year, which did not exceed (64) billion dinars, which means the direction not approving this budget.