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5 + 5 Joint Military Committee: The exit of mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya is a must.

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Tripoli, 14 February, 2021 (Lana) - Brigadier General, Al-Fitouri Gribel, a member of the 5 + 5 Military Committee, affirmed that (the mercenaries file will not be tolerated, pledging that the committee will work to remove them from Libya by any means, and that the departure of mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libyan lands is an inevitable necessity.  

 In statement, Grebel said that "the committee is in contact with countries that have mercenaries in Libya about this matter, and that a delegation from the committee will visit these countries in order to push them towards deporting mercenaries of their nationalities." Grebel also indicated that (the committee communicated with the new executive authority, and assured them of its full support for the course of the committee's work, especially the plan to evacuate Libya from mercenaries and foreign fighters, stipulated in the ceasefire agreement last October).