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Sanalla confirms the possibility of Libya returning to produce 3 million barrels per day

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Tripoli, April 11, 2022 (LANA) - The head of the National Oil Corporation, "Mustafa Sanalla," stressed the importance of the oil sector, as it plays a key role in the stability of Libya, and one of the steadfast sectors despite all previous circumstances. 

In a speech during his meeting with the heads of all sector companies in Tripoli, Sanalla indicated that the stage requires holding intensive meetings, and that the administration has formed several committees to follow up on the companies' work and identify weaknesses to help improve conditions.

  Sanalla called on the heads of the companies to prioritize the projects, to overcome the stumbling and the old ones, and to give special priority to the work of the companies that are in line with the goals of the Corporation, foremost of which is production, its sustainability and preservation, the sites and assets, the safety of operations and workers at the lowest possible cost, and the possibility of production in the near future reaching 3 million barrels daily ..