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In an exclusive interview with (LANA): The US Under Secretary of State confirms that the return of the US embassy to work from Tripoli will allow the US ambassador to work directly with the Libyans.

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Tripoli, March 22, 2022 (LANA) - The US Under Secretary of State for Administrative Affairs "John Bass" announced that his visit today to the Libyan capital, Tripoli, is his first foreign mission since assuming responsibility for the operations of US embassies, which confirms the importance his country attaches to the return of the US embassy to work from Tripoli.

The US Undersecretary of State, "John Bass," said in an exclusive interview with the Libyan News Agency, which was attended by Ambassador "Richard Norland" and the US Assistant Secretary of Diplomatic Security, "Gentry Smith" - that the return of the US Embassy to work from Tripoli will allow the US ambassador to work directly with the Libyans from the capital instead of being made to travel from Tunisia to Tripoli.

 The US official noted that the previous obstacles to the return of the embassy's work were centered on logistical operations, and we are now in the process of actually returning to work from the Libyan capital in view of the improvement in the security situation, stressing the need to see more continuous improvement in the security situation in general and more stability in Libya.

"John Bass" pointed out that his talks today at the Libyan Foreign Ministry are to convey a message to the national unity government about the importance of moving forward in preparing for the elections, and working with the government to follow up on holding the elections as an important contribution to building long-term stability that can restore the embassy's work, and it is also important to create a suitable climate, and the right policy is for the return of more foreign embassies to Libya and to push the wheel of economic development.

The US Under Secretary of State for Administrative Affairs, "John Bass," stressed that his country still believes in the importance of moving forward in the path of elections and will continue to support the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations to find a healthy formula that enables the various entities and authorities in Libya to reach an agreement and move forward.

Bass made it clear to (LANA) that the current impasse is not a solution, as you know more than I do, and therefore the opportunity must be seized at this time to benefit from the international community's interest in the Libyan issue and to make progress forward.

On the alternative scenarios in the event of not being able to reach specific dates for holding the elections, Bass said that it is important to talk about the approaches that people take to invest in this process and find common areas of consensus, and that what I understood is that there is a great desire for people in this country to be that they have a chance to participate in the elections and choose their future leaders.

On how the United States deals with the Libyan issue in light of the presence of two competing governments, the American official said that our efforts support the efforts of the UN envoy “Williams” in finding the appropriate formula and the right way for elections, because the importance does not lie in what we believe in who should rule Libya, the importance lies in the Libyans deciding It's through the elections, and I can understand their concern about that.

On the impact of the war in Ukraine on the Libyan issue, Bass said that when we sit with Secretary of State Blinken and senior State Department officials, we talk about the conflict in Ukraine and the broad efforts to mobilize the international community to deal with Putin's aggression. We are also talking about other pressing issues facing the United States. And our friends and partners around the world. We are also talking about the state of the political blockage in Libya and how the US Ambassador "Norland" and his colleagues are trying to support efforts to end this blockage.

On a question about the position of the United States to put pressure on the external parties interfering in Libya, the American official said, “I believe again that we are willing to help everyone who works to achieve a secure and prosperous future for the Libyan people. , to share with us the belief in this goal.