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The House of Representatives calls on all parties to support it to bring the country to the stage of stability.

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Tobruk, January 6, 2022 (LANA) - The official spokesman for the House of Representatives, "Abdullah Belhaq" affirmed that the House of Representatives is striving hard to overcome the difficult and critical conditions that the country is going through and move the country forward to the stage of security, stability, construction and development in a manner that meets the demands of the people and achieves their hopes and aspirations to live in dignity, freedom and prosperity.

Blihaq explained in a press statement today, Thursday, that the House of Representatives formed a roadmap committee that includes representatives from all cities and regions of Libya, which began its work and meetings intensively by communicating with all concerned parties and institutions and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, to reach what achieves the will of the Libyan people. By achieving the historic national election by holding the presidential and parliamentary elections and overcoming all obstacles and obstacles that prevented them from being held on the twenty-fourth of December.

He added that the House of Representatives confirms its determination to address all the major challenges that our country is going through despite the seriousness of the stage, and calls on all parties to intensify all efforts and support the House of Representatives and give priority to the interest of the country and the Libyan people in achieving their will to bring the country to the stage of stability, which will only come with concerted efforts to achieve this as soon as possible.