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Hamouda in press conference: Council of Ministers approves a number of measures and decisions.

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Tripoli, 22 September 2022 (Lana) The Council of Ministers of the Government of National Unity reached a number of decisions and actions on several topics on its agenda, at its meeting on Thursday. According to government spokesman Mohamed Hamouda in a press conference held on Thursday evening in Tripoli, the Council of Ministers approved during its session a number of measures and decisions, namely: - Presentation of the results of the committee competent to implement Cabinet Resolution No. (689) of 2022 on the procedures of contracting directly commissioned with local milling companies to supply (150) thousand tons of ready-made flour in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Contracts Regulation, and since the reasons for issuing the decision are aimed at stabilizing the prices of flour and ensuring its availability in the local market despite the stability and the fact that goods are available at the moment the supply subsidy will achieve stable prices and not expose the commodity to harm.

- Approval of the establishment of an independent institution for blood transfusion services, considering that provision of blood in a safe and sustainable manner is one of the priorities of the health sector and national security in any country and one of the most important indicators of health progress, and given that the transfused blood is vulnerable to contamination by many types of microbes that may be transmitted from the donor to the patient or infected, which requires the establishment of an independent institution that works on existence of policies, systems and structures, to ensure the safety and timely provision of blood and its products in order to meet the needs of the sick and injured.

 - Activating and implementing road and airport projects for contracts signed in all executive bodies, some of which have been suspended due to the increase in the price of bitumen by up to 80%, and in order to address this, a proposal was adopted to calculate the accounting equation for bitumen price differences in accordance with the indicative prices for the returned works submitted by the Ministry of Transport. - -- Granting permission to the Ministry of Transport to contract for the implementation of the Sabha-Ubari, um al-Araneb-Qatron road.

- Approval of a decision to grant permission to contract by means of a limited tender for the implementation of the project of establishing an integrated warehouse for the Flying Ambulance Services Service.

- Granting permission to provide the needs of the National Center for Animal Health for immunizations, medicines, pesticides and veterinary disinfectants.

- The Council's follow-up with the Libyan Postal and Telecommunications Holding Company on the proposal submitted by it on the establishment of a system to link state institutions to each other in order to exchange information in a secure manner, and also contribute to the speed of exchange of information and improve communication among them.

 - The Council's follow-up with the Department of Urban Planning on the readiness to start the establishment of new housing plans in various municipalities, and to study the proposal submitted in particular to address the crisis of random plans and provide adequate healthy housing for citizens.